Tackling climate change and improving London’s environment

Global warming is the single biggest long- term threat facing humanity and over the last eight years London has become a world leader in the battle to prevent catastrophic climate change, including ground-breaking transport initiatives such as the congestion charge.

Over the coming weeks Ken’s full programme for a new Mayoral term will be set out on these pages.

Looking after London’s overall environment is 

central to improving Londoners’ quality of life, which is also why we have strengthened planning laws to protect and improve parks and open spaces, invested in tackling litter, and instituted widespread doorstep collection of recycling.

If re-elected, to tackle climate change, Ken will introduce a £25 a day congestion zone charge on gas guzzlers and abolish charges for the greenest cars, with a London-wide Low Emission Zone to keep the worst polluting lorries out of London.

Ken will build on eight years of achievement including:

  • London is the only major city in the world to achieve a shift from private car use to public transport, with cities around the world now looking to follow London’s lead
  • Cut-price London-wide offers of loft and cavity wall insulation, free to those on benefits, along with   energy efficient light-bulb giveaway, to help reduce emissions and lower fuel bills.
  • Introduced and extended the central London congestion charge
  • Cleaned up all London buses and London black cabs to improve air quality
  • 83% increase in cycling, via major expansion of bus/cycle lanes, and major increase funding for new cycle routes, safe cycle parking and London
  • Published the London Climate Change Action Plan – the most comprehensive plan to cut C02 emissions produced by any major city or government – with target to cut emissions 60 per cent by 2025.
  • Established and invited to chair C40 group of world’s largest cities to tackle climate change
  • Set up London Climate Change Agency to catalyse market for decentralised energy, forming London Energy Services Company with EDF
  • Delivered a 20% reduction in the carbon emissions of new developments through tough planning regulations
  • Supported boroughs in raising recycling levels up from 6% to 21% with an extra 1.1 million homes benefiting from door-step collection
  • Delivered 8 new recycling and reprocessing facilities
  • Protected London’s green belt, parks and open spaces
  • Almost 700 schools, representing 240,000 children, participate in London Schools Environment Award
  • Enabled over 60,000 children each year to enjoy a free school visit to London Zoo