Open letter to Lib Dem voters in London

Ken has published an open letter to Lib Dem voters in London setting out the values they share with him, and how he has worked to deliver on policies that Lib Dem voters want. Read it here…

Shared values for London

Liberal Democrat supporters in London, like all Londoners, will face a choice on May 1st.  

They obviously think their party’s policies are the best of any but in the end there will be a choice of who is Mayor for the next four years between Boris Johnson and myself. This will be decided by second preference votes of people giving their first preferences to other candidates.

The second preference votes of Lib Dem supporters are likely to be critical in deciding the outcome of this election.

Both Boris Johnson and I will be campaigning to persuade Lib Dems to back us. My pitch is simple – I agree with about 90% of Lib Dem policy and I want to involve Liberal Democrats in my mayoral administration.

In contrast Boris Johnson disagrees with many fundamental Lib Dem policies and has been highly disparaging of Lib Dems in the past, whom he referred to as having ‘a characteristic human psychological deformity’:

I do not pretend that I share every single Lib Dem policy but on 90 per cent of issues we agree and we are part of the same progressive tradition in London. And that set of shared values shines through in the many areas where we agree and where we have worked together.  I am publishing examples of these areas of agreement because it highlights how we can work together.

On most of the key international, national and London issues my positions and those of the Liberal Democrat Party have been the same. Particularly important have been opposition to the war in Iraq; support for the Kyoto climate change treaty and prioritising environmental policy, opposition to tuition fees; support for Proportional Representation; opposition to Tube privatisation, support for higher charges for polluting cars; opposition to nuclear power.

My pledge to Liberal Democrat voters if I am re-elected is twofold. First, that I will continue to deliver on the policies and values that we share. Second, that I will operate an inclusive administration which includes the talents of Lib Dem politicians and supporters.

The choice between Boris Johnson and myself could not be clearer.

Let’s work together to ensure that all Londoners share in our city’s continued success.

Ken Livingstone

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