Question Time highlights choice for London

Question Time, broadcast last night on BBC1, showed that after weeks of the hardest fought London Mayor election campaign since the post was created, the bottom line has really become, who is capable of leading London?

People across the city watching QT last night will have seen a clear answer.  Whatever individual issues or disagreements with him, the only person who is a remotely serious candidate to lead London as the best city in the world is Ken Livingstone.

Others can crack jokes or score individual points, but they are not leaders of our city.  Ken showed that in this important debate.

If you watched Question Time and want to support Ken, there are lots of way to join the campaign.  Sign up for email news and alerts, join a campaign activity, or donate a few pounds.  Any help you give will make a real difference – the election is neck and neck, the time to join Ken is now.

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